Skin Horse Goes Home: Our Upcoming Residency at Bard College

In the fall of 2008, the five of us sat down in a room and tried to make something from nothing. After months of reading, researching, rehearsing, writing, re-rehearsing, re-writing, [Keep Reading…]


This February, Skin Horse Theater brings its radical theatrical style to Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy. This chilling, surreal version of Macbeth is what the Bard’s tale of bloodlust and betrayal might [Keep Reading…]


On November 7, Skin Horse Theater is launching its first original work in two years, NOCTURNES (I-III).   NOCTURNES is a swirling outer-space fever dream that transports you from the mission control room of man’s [Keep Reading…]

The ‘Untitled Outer Space Project’ Is Untitled No More

After much deliberation, Skin Horse has arrived at a title for our Outer Space Project. Nocturnes (I-III) will premiere in early November and continue for a four-week run, including dates [Keep Reading…]

Skin Horse presents Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

We are thrilled to announce that in winter of 2014 Skin Horse will produce William Shakespeare’s Macbeth; our first foray into the work of history’s greatest dramatist. Under the direction of [Keep Reading…]

The second annual ’24’ is nigh!

What happens when you collect 7 playwrights, 7 directors, and 40 actors, and give them 24 hours to make 7 plays? Absolute theatrical mayhem. The second annual 24 will take place [Keep Reading…]

Untitled Outer Space Project Work-In-Progress Showing

On Saturday, May 25, 2013, we premiered three unfinished sections of our Untitled Outer Space Project for a small audience on the fourth floor of the Contemporary Arts Center in [Keep Reading…]


The elusive Snark is rearing its hilarious head again!  We’ve been asked to bring our adaptation of The Hunting of the Snark to the Newman School this month, but why should the kids have [Keep Reading…]

Skin Horse Nominated in 2013 Big Easy Awards

Skin Horse has been honored with a few nominations from the 2013 Big Easy Theater Awards! Best Comedy: The Importance of Being Earnest Best Actor in a Comedy: Brian Dorsam [Keep Reading…]